Practice Choice EMR

Practice Choice EMR is the perfect solution for any small independent medical practice looking for an electronic medical record system. Practice Choice EMR by McKesson Practice Solution is a Web-based EMR and practice management system designed for easy installment and adaptability.

McKesson Practice Solution has spent more than 20 years developing practice management systems and electronic medical record solutions. McKesson has also worked directly with small offices to find exactly what is needed to streamline workflow and has created an electronic medical record system specifically for those requirements.

In small practices, employees often fill multiple roles simultaneously. To help make this easier, Practice Choice EMR is designed for wide access across a variety of information, including both medical and business needs. The software's three functions - workflow, cash flow and operational - all operate similarly and can be accessed from the main screen.

With multiple duties, it's also important that information is secure. Practice Choice EMR is HIPAA-compliant so patients can be confident their information is in the right hands.

In addition, Practice Choice EMR is known for its intuitive interface, which leads to easy adaptability and implementation. Even for practices with a high volume of patients, both employees and patients will see the advantages of using the software immediately.

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By working with 2K Medical Software, practices can purchase the software for $0 down and $399 per month. Certified by ONC-ATCB as a Complete EHR, a Practice Choice EMR purchase includes Inbound Lab interfaces, Immunization Registry interfaces and Electronic Prescribing as well as a number of other EMR features.

For any practice looking to meet meaningful use requirements as well as provide better care, healthcare providers have found Practice Choice EMR to be an easy-to-use solution perfect for the needs of small medical offices.

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$0 Down & $399 per Month Offer includes:

  • Inbound Lab interfaces
  • Immunization Registry interfaces
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Electronic Claims Processing
  • Electronic Remittance
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Implementation and training consisting of webinars, training videos, and one-on-one training sessions
  • 90 days Premium Support
View the Practice Choice feature matrix

*Pricing is subject to change.

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